Monday, October 20, 2008

current events

Several long branches protruded from a bush whose branches were otherwise short.

I captured a moth in a dixie cup and released it to the outside world.

I stopped to watch the sun melt a thick fog that lay on a field of wild flowers

I escaped a large elaborate web suspended high in mid-air by an absent spider.

while holding awareness in my hands, a siren sounded in the distance. over time, the sound receded.

from time to time, trees pitch pine cones in my direction. having no eyes, they often miss.

early in the morning air I see my breath before me.

while walking the dog, I happened upon a deer carcass and I was reminded of my own mortality.

Monday, October 6, 2008

waving a white flag of surrender

an endless stream of raindrops rolled along the edge of a silver awning, and then dropped one by one onto the wet, green grass below.

while sitting in a large white lawn chair contemplating lunch, I heard a soft thud as I saw a clump of wasps hit the gravel after falling from a nest. one by one they flew spiraling up from the ground back into the nest.

not far away, two butterflies danced together in the air, after a few moments each flew off in a different direction.

while listening to a bird singing loudly outside my window, I wondered what was the meaning of the lyrics to the song.

during a walk down my usual path, I realized I was being consumed by desire. eventually I reached home and began to wash the dishes.

as I sat reading on the ground, countless tiny gnats suspended in the evening air danced a frenzied dance, while a chorus of crickets sang an endless love song.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

a trip

one day in mexico, this happened...

something else unexpected..

while sitting under a tree, I watched a bee fly from tiny white flower to tiny white flower. nearby several moths were doing the same thing. I heard a rustling sound behind me. I turned to watch as a red, orange and green leaf fell from the top of a tree to the ground beneath. it hit several branches as it fell.

on another day in the back yard, this happened...