Sunday, September 28, 2008

early fall

Sometimes I find myself dreaming without first having been asleep.

I became aware that I was fascinated by the word "sepulchre." I later judged the fascination as morbid.

Someone told me that karma is attachment to past identity. I entertained the idea as I found myself in a forest that was filled with karma.

I poured cereal into an empty bowl. I poured milk over the cereal. I then used a spoon to convey the milk and cereal from the bowl into my mouth. After a short period, the bowl was again empty.

A tiny spider crawled thru the air suspended by an invisible thread. It disappeared into some pine needles, and was never seen again.

I thought to myself, object, or no object, one comes to appreciate the space created in the absence of something much the same as appreciating the thing itself.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

not very long ago

While waiting at a bookstore counter, a small girl stared down at my shoes. After a time, she looked into my eyes and smiled.

As I walked across a baseball field, I paused to consider a wooden stick that stuck out of the ground and leaned against a metal fence.

A gray old woman in a wheelchair waited by a curb. From time to time she glanced in my direction. Her face remained expressionless.

As I sat in a parking lot, I gazed at a tree that had grown around a chain-link fence.

A large formation of geese flew overhead in a northwesterly direction. I continued to hear their calling from a distance.

A woman I did not know looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at her without saying a word.

A sheer curtain from an open window blew against my leg as I wrote this.

I paused for a moment as I allowed strong feelings of contempt to arise, and then slowly exit from my awareness.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

a brief narrative

I lay on my left side staring into nothing; slowly breathing in and out. A bird sang persistently outside my open window. Suddenly the singing stopped. As traffic noises arose and dissolved, I listened to the silence between the sounds.

in other isolated incidents...

I stared at my watch as nothing continued to happen.

I watched two butterflies alight on the same leaf. After a short time one flew away. The other remained on the leaf.

While recalling a humorous moment, I chuckled slightly to myself. Eventually my thoughts turned to something else.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

a short while ago

A loud alarm sounded from a clock reading 7am. For a moment I wondered where I was. I reached out to shutoff the alarm.

I saw a fan rotating in a counter-clockwise direction. There was a slight breeze emanating from the fan.

I pondered the meaning of the word "hipster." Over time my curiosity faded.

I looked at my dog and yawned in the same moment that my dog looked at me and yawned.

While walking across the yard, I noticed I was walking into the wind.

A butterfly flew across my path. It did not pause to beg my pardon.

Among millions of green blades of grass, a few had tiny purple, or yellow flowers.

Crickets chirped loudly from a bush along a path. As I approached, the chirping stopped altogether.

A spongy, fushia-colored stalk protruded vertically fom the ground. When I brushed it with my foot, it was uprooted and fell sideways into a horizontal position.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

another day

I watched a truck carrying small cages full of live chickens roll down the highway..

I vacuumed the carpet using a back and forth motion until all the visible debris was sucked into the dust chamber.

I listened to the sounds made by different bells as they were individually rung.

While walking through the hall, I noticed a door was ajar. I reached for the doorknob and pulled it toward me.

I answered the phone, and I could not remember if I had been sleeping when it rang.

I noticed a middle-aged woman sitting in a waiting room, whose feet were perfectly pedicured.

I picked up the phone to call a friend, then put it back down after I considered the time.

I contemplated the purpose of eyebrows on a dog.

I toasted a slice of bread. I then used a knife to evenly distribute butter over the surface of the toasted bread.

Monday, September 15, 2008

just today

after walking the dog in the woods, I washed mud from my feet with the hose.

I noticed small blue flowers on the bush outside my window.

a bird sat on a wire and continued to sing.

after viewing a film, I was completely silent.

eventually, noises came out of nowhere, and sank back into nothing.

I watched a butterfly sit motionless, still clinging to its cocoon.

I banged a ball of string against a post, and wasps flew out.

a gnat flew close to my face and landed on my arm. I swatted it with my hand. it somersaulted to the floor where it lay dead.

I was reminded, "that death is the opposite of birth, and that life has no opposite."

someone told me that today was an unlucky day. a part of me believed him.

sometimes I catch myself waiting for something to happen.

as I walked from beneath the shelter, a raindrop hit my forehead and splashed across my face.

some time ago. . .

I watched a hummingbird hover above a plant with red flowers. then it suddenly flew away.

I watched clouds float slowly across the sky, but I never saw where they went.

a crawfish crawled across the yard. I gave it a name. a few days later, I found it dead.

I watched a woodpecker repeatedly pecking on metal stadium lights.

a hawk flew an arc overhead. it was pursued thru the air by a smaller bird.

a man missing his front teeth pulled a car onto the lawn under a tree. he did not speak much english.

a snake lay underneath a tree. it had swallowed something large. I looked into its eyes, and walked away. a bird chased the snake under a bush.

a man in a green truck told me that he had seen large alligators while walking thru the swamp.

a girl at the drive-thru put change in my hands and sent a shiver down my spine.

I watched a snake climb up a tree. the bark made a soft crackling sound as it ascended.

I found white feathers, entrails, and a small white egg scattered in a field on easter day.