Monday, October 6, 2008

waving a white flag of surrender

an endless stream of raindrops rolled along the edge of a silver awning, and then dropped one by one onto the wet, green grass below.

while sitting in a large white lawn chair contemplating lunch, I heard a soft thud as I saw a clump of wasps hit the gravel after falling from a nest. one by one they flew spiraling up from the ground back into the nest.

not far away, two butterflies danced together in the air, after a few moments each flew off in a different direction.

while listening to a bird singing loudly outside my window, I wondered what was the meaning of the lyrics to the song.

during a walk down my usual path, I realized I was being consumed by desire. eventually I reached home and began to wash the dishes.

as I sat reading on the ground, countless tiny gnats suspended in the evening air danced a frenzied dance, while a chorus of crickets sang an endless love song.

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